HR policy

Our greatest and valuable asset is our people. Only with their dedication and contribution we can serve our clients, get long-term results and achieve success. The core of our business is to focus on mainaining diverse work environment, which in turn plays an important role in meeting needs of our unique client base.

We invest in human capital to ensure that their capabilities and interests are matched with our organizational goals. Our aim is to enhance individual’s potential, reinforce organisation’s culture and positively contribute to the society.

At ATL Group, we believe that trust is build by maintaining every aspect of our business accordig to the highest standards. We select and recruit people not only just by looking at their skills but also on their principles and values that they possess.

Commitment to the ethics of the company is a critical factor, and it’s been conducted to guide and inform our people about expected behaviour at the firm. For people at ATL Group, ethical behaviour is a reflection of a good judgement.

Our success is dependant on the trust our clients place in us. Therefore, every action we take, every advice we give must advance that trust. We are committed to deliver exceptional client service, and we always do utmost to stand for what we say.