About company

We have stepped into the business world in 2011 when we established our first company ATL Consulting. From the start, our business purpose was to help clients to achieve their goals by understanding every client’s specific context and interest. We believed that only this way it is possible to build a relationship and establish a long-term trust.

In 2012, we achieved in what we believed in and established four different directions under the name of ATL Group. 

Currently ATL Group includes four companies:

    • ATL Info Tech – offers a broad range of services including IT consulting, systems integration, security, software services and solutions. With these services, we are able to simplify client’s daily operations and achieve maximum efficiency while minimizing costs.
    • ATL Consulting – operates in business development and offers services in marketing, advertising, project management and asset management. Our approach is grounded on identifying problem in advance and providing a 360 degree marketing solution while committing to deliver measurable and sustainable results.
    • ATL Electronics – specializes in sales of electronics and encompasses the network of more than 60 dealers in Azerbaijan. In ATL Electronics, our objective is not only concerned with the sales of goods but rather create opportunity for our dealers to achieve rapid and sustainable growth by supporting them with trainings, setting appropriate pricing strategies and providing marketing assistance.
  • ATL Rent-a-Car – seamlessly connects riders with drivers, opening up more possibilities for both individual and corporate clients to reach designated destination on time. More importantly, we convert journey into pleasure.

The company has gone beyond client’s expectations and brought together technology, innovation and high quality standards. The aim of ATL Group is to become a company that everyone will dream to work for and every enterprise will be proud to partner with.